When I press the button, I feel the Posture Master buzz twice.

Possibly, you are lying while putting on the device or it is placed too horizontally. Posture Master switches off in the horizontal position. Sit down or stand up straight and take the posture that you would like to train, and then re-set up Posture Master by pressing the button. Another reason for the double buzz is holding the button for too long (more than 5 seconds) and thus switching off the device.


The device buzzes when I do not slouch.

Probably, the posture you have set as a model is too difficult to maintain. Take a more comfortable posture and re-set up the device by pressing the button once. Another reason is that the device is not properly attached. Underwear which the device is attached to should be close fitting. If you relocate Posture Master on the body or clothes, you should set it up again.


I feel the signal, but ignore it.

You have set too straight and difficult posture, consequently, the device buzzed so frequently that you stopped paying attention to it. Take a few hours break, and then take a more comfortable posture. If you ignore the signal, alternate days when you wear Posture Master with days of rest. Try changing the training schedule: it might be easier for you to train the posture in the morning or in the afternoon.


Is there any risk of allergic reactions?

During the tests, no skin irritation cases were observed. The stickers and device are made of materials which do not cause allergic reactions. However, if you detect any signs of irritation, start attaching Posture Master to the underwear with a clip, thus eliminating direct contact of the sticker and device with the body.


What kind of device warranty do you offer?

One-year product warranty. If your device is out of order, send the faulty Posture Master to our address for diagnostics, and we will send you a new one instead.


What kind of battery does the device have? Is it possible to buy it in a usual store?

CR2032 Battery, much like a watch battery.


Does the device have any contraindications?

There are no contraindications for the device usage.


Can a 7-year-old child use the device?

The device is recommended for school-aged children, not for children under this age. 7-10 years old and older is quite a normal age for the conscious use of the device.


Are the stickers in the kit for one-time use?

Yes, they are. A sticker is designed for one-time use. If you have removed the device and need to reapply it or attach to a different place on your body, please use a new sticker. The kit includes 42 stickers - 30 units for a month's course and 12 spare units for your convenience.


Will Posture Master disturb me anyhow? Is its buzzing noticeable for others?

Its buzzing is identical to a mobile phone vibration. In complete silence, a soft sound can be heard.


Does Posture Master have any certificates?

The device has all necessary certificates and test reports, required by the EU, and is absolutely safe.


What do doctors think of this device?

All independent orthopedists recommend this product as it has undeniable advantages compared to orthopedic corsets. Doctors, who work for orthopedic centers on a remuneration basis and receive a percentage of the sales of orthopedic corsets, can try to talk you out of buying our products. Be aware of this and do not yield to such doctors' persuasions as their interest lies in the percentage they have from corset sales.


I have bought Posture Master, but it does not buzz. Can I change it?

Replace the battery that was in Posture Master and discharged while stored in the warehouse with a spare one, included in the kit, or buy a new battery. If the problem is not solved, contact us for diagnostics and replacement of a defect product.