Posture Master
is a new original invention that will train you to keep your back straight!

How does it work?

The miniature electronic Posture Master is attached to your underwear or applied to your skin with a sticker, just as an adhesive patch. The device is equipped with an accelerometer to measure your spinal angle. When you slouch for over 60 seconds, the device will buzz gently reminding you to straighten up. You will get used to it in no time at all. Posture Master will not get in the way of your work or studies — it does its bit and minds its own business.

Posture Master is your personal trainer that is always with you. Day after day, you train your muscles by making them work, and keep your back straight longer and longer. You train your pectoral girdle muscles which are responsible for keeping your back straight.


When you wear your Posture Master, you only feel its presence when it buzzes and may easily forget about it. Please always remember to take it off before your shower or go swimming!

Do not use Posture Master if it has been damaged or exposed to water!

Getting started

Remove the device from the package. It comes with a battery and is ready for use. Normal battery life is one month of continuous use.

How to wear?

Option 1

Apply the disposable double-sided sticker to the flat side of the device.
Attach your Posture Master to your skin at the upper part of your chest under the collarbone. The arrow on the case of the device must point upwards vertically from the ground. Stickers are designed for one-time use. If you have removed your Posture Master and need to reapply it, please use a new sticker.

How to wear?

Option 2

Use a special clip to attach the device to your underwear or close fitting clothes. Attach the clip to the device until it clicks; pass the strap of your underwear between the device and the clip. The arrow on the case of the device must point upwards. The intensity of the buzz depends on the location of the device. To increase it, please place the device closer to the collarbone.

Setting up

Sit down or stand up straight and take the posture that you would like to train. At the start of the course, consider not straightening up as much as you can — any training course recommends a gradual increase in intensity. To memorize your perfect posture, please press the arrow button on the front side of the device. Your posture is memorized and will be monitored — you will feel the device buzz once to confirm the task. Your Posture Master starts working! But you will only feel it when you slouch for longer than 60 seconds — then your Posture Master will remind you to keep your back straight with a gentle buzz. In a quiet room you can even hear the buzz, and this is perfectly normal. If you wish to work in complete silence, you can turn off your Posture Master (see the Pause section). If the memorized posture is not perfect, you can reprogram the device. Just change your posture and press the button one more time.


If you need to turn off the device for a short while, press and hold the button for more than 5 seconds. Your Posture Master will buzz twice and enter hibernation. To turn it on again, take the right posture and press on the button once — your Posture Master will keep monitoring your posture.

Turning off the device

There are two ways to turn off the device: either place it on a flat surface (such as a table) or press and hold the button for more than 5 seconds. Your Posture Master will buzz twice to confirm that it has been turned off. The device will hibernate until you press the button to turn it on again.


Replacing the battery

Turn off the device by pressing and holding the button for more than 5 seconds. Open the device by carefully pulling the two halves of its case apart. Remove the old battery using the curved end of the special tool (included). Place a new battery inside and reattach the two halves.