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Excellent posture in just 30 days!

Posture Master is an electronic slouch corrector
that will give you great posture
in just 30 days!

Posture Master price — 80 USD!

How Posture Master works

The posture corrector has a very simple design. It is equipped with an accelerometer to measure your spinal angle. If your child slouches, the posture corrector will buzz; i.e. the device will remind your child that he/she needs to straighten up to have excellent posture.

Your child will have perfect posture if he/she wears Posture Master.

The corrector can be attached using the method that is most convenient to your child. Any kid can attach Posture Master.

Straighten your back and train excellent posture with a single gentle press.

The special sensor (accelerometer) will measure spinal angle to an accuracy of one degree.

If your child slouches longer than
a minute, the device will buzz
(much like a mobile phone);

The habit of keeping his/her back straight will develop very soon, and perfect posture will be achieved in 30 days!

Problems associated with poor posture

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Good posture is very important, just keep in mind that not only how you look, but also how you feel depend on your posture! Spine problems may cause chest pain, headaches, general weakness, and blues!
How can you straighten your back? You can buy a posture corrector on our website.
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  • locks the back and hampers movement
  • stiff and inconvenient
  • visible, awkward, hot
  • outdated technology
  • children take it off at school and hide

Posture Master

  • gradually tones up muscles
  • does not impede movement
  • small-sized, lightweight
    invisible under clothes
  • contemporary
  • children wear it conscientiously

Posture Master is a fashionable gadget

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Posture Master helps you study!

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Posture Master package

   User manual

Electronic posture

Clip to attach
the device to underwear

Battery removal pin

Spare battery

Stickers to attach
the device to the body

Posture Master is a certified
and safe product.

Posture Master meets all of the generally accepted requirements of the European Union for electronic devices, which guarantees the safety of its use, as long as operating rules are complied with. The device has all the necessary quality certificates confirmed by laboratory tests. Due to the fact that agreements were signed between the European Union, the United States, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan on mutual recognition of conformance procedures and recognition of technical regulations, EC Declaration of Conformity, EC Certificate of Conformity, test protocols issued in one of the EU member states are recognized by all of the said countries

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Posture Master

The Posture Master package already includes 42 stickers.

You can additionally (or separately) order 42 more stickers for 10 USD

80 USD


Summary: 80 USD

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