Payment and delivery

How much is delivery?

Delivery to any location in the USA, Australia, Armenia, Hong Kong, Georgia, The Republic of Korea (South Korea),new Zealand, Singapore, Arabie saoudite, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Japan, QATAR is free of charge and already included in the order price.

Be careful, if the amount of your purchase will be higher than duty-free limit on parcels established in these countries, you will need to pay yourself upon custom fee of your country when you receive the parcel.

What customs limits for parcels operate in my country?

Inbound Country IATA Code Maximum value of the goods for free clearance with no duties and taxes Maximum value for express clearance Clearance fee ( charged to the recipient) for high value goods. information on Customs process and additional charges
ARABIE SAOUDITE SA 100 USD     value duty 5 % of the invoice value over 100 USD.
Australia AU 1000 AUD   71,50 AUD Electronic Fee - AUD 55.20 (payable to Australian Customs),
Deferment Fees - Min AUD 22.00 or 2.5% of Value,
Special Permits Fee - AUD 132.00,
Quarantine Inspection Fee - AUD 65.00 + AUD 20.00 Handling Fee (Paperwork Check), Quarantine Examination Fee - AUD 105.50 + AUD 20.00 Handling Fee (Physical Goods Inspection), Fumigation Fee - AUD 220.00 First Cubic Meter, then AUD 16.50 additional Cubic Meter. Delivery held pending payment of D&T + fees.
Rework / Admin fee: 3,50$
Formal Customs Entry Fee: 15$
Etats-Unis US 200 USD   80 USD It depends on the good's value.
Hong kong HK 1000 USD   30 USD Alcohol, samples of wine and tobacco : Bond charges USD 40 per AWB if shipment sent through HKG / HIGH VALUE ABOVE 1000 USD (C.I.F).
Japan JP 10000 JPY   2500 JPY Recipient is contacted for customs clearance process and duties and taxes are recovered by the driver during delivery.
Korea South KR 100 USD   25-33 USD Storage/handling/inspection fees also to pay before release.
New Zealand NZ 400 NZD   80 NZD Delivery held pending payment of D&T + fees.
QATAR QA 110 USD No limit   The customs will re-evaluate any un reasonable invoice.
Customs 4%Insurance 1%
Singapore SG 400 SGD   11 USD Subject to 7% GST,
2% which ever is higher, COD to consignee
Taiwan TW 150 USD   25 USD  
Thailand TH 500 USD 1300 USD 8-50 USD Customs Fee - USD 8.00,
Storage Fees - USD 4.00/Kg (Less than 100Kgs) - (Over 100Kgs) - Variable per day and min. USD 30.00,
All duties and taxes + fees are collected from consignee by COD.
Turkey TR 75 EUR   77 EUR Customs clearance fees supported by the consignee may change depending on the nature of the goods.
Unlimited 37,5 USD
80 USD
Possible additional taxes should apply in case of FDA declararation (20 US $), or any other special customs requirements (government or special agencies fees such as FDA).

Delivery time — two weeks.

Your device will be delivered by a DPD courier. Once your order has been handed over to the delivery service, you will be assigned a delivery number for you to track your package.

Is it possible to deliver to other countries and cities?

Delivery is also possible throughout Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

How to order goods in the country, which is not in this list?

Take help of friends who live in countries where delivery service is already being implemented. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to other countries at the moment, even as an exception.