Posture Master
is an unconventional and effective way to improve posture. An active advertising media campaign turned Posture Master into one of the most sought-after items in the market for health products.

It is time for new decisions. The corset used to be considered the only way to improve posture, but now many chiropractors, osteopaths and medical gymnastics professionals agree that a corset may further aggravate bad posture. Why? Because good posture is a result of strong back muscles, and when you wear a corset, you muscles do not work. Posture Master, on the other hand, sees to it that your muscles work all the time. This is a fundamentally new approach to a pressing challenge. Moreover, we are certain that Posture Master will soon replace traditional orthopedic corsets, because active online sales and high demand for the device attest to its growing popularity.

We invite the following organizations to consider purchasing Posture Master on a wholesale basis:

Electronic gadget stores.

Electronic gadget and/or telephone stores with a limited product lineup. Are you an Apple Premium Reseller or do you run a similar store with a limited lineup (up to 50 products in the salesroom) and an active consultant located in a venue with high customer traffic? Then Posture Master is an excellent addition for your store. You will sell an estimated 10 to 50 Posture Master devices a month per store.

Orthopedic goods stores and orthopedic medical centers.

Poster Master will become an exciting original addition to your lineup of orthopedic goods. Do you sell orthopedic pillows or orthotic insoles? Do you offer posture correction services? Then offer your customers Posture Master for everyday use and help them achieve royal posture. An integrated approach to the prevention and treatment of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system will be mutually beneficial for you and your customers.


We are looking for distributors with a developed commodity distribution network, stores focusing on portable consumer electronics devices (gadgets) or orthopedic store chains. The key cooperation criterion is the availability of operational sales channels and successful long-term distribution experience in these retail channels.